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Integrat offers various mobile integrated products to suit your company’s needs. Keep your clients informed and entertained with our MMS, SMS, USSD, mobile billing, IVR and LBS packages.

If you are scratching your head about some of the abbreviations, don’t worry. We will take you on a virtual tour through our company and back to help you better understand what we (and our products) are all about.

USSD: this stands for Unstructured Supplementary

aren’t as “up to date” or “fancy” as others and might not display your message correctly – that is where we will save the day.

Mobile billing: bill your users for any service on SMS, MMS, USSD, LBS, WEB, WAP and many more. Integrat supports a range of Premium Billing services including MT Billing, MO Billing, WAP and WEB Billing – all at competitive prices.

IVR: when you dial a number and a recorded voice answers on the other end and asks you to press “one” for reception and “two” for accounts – that is Interactive Voice Response (IVR). It is a must have for any company with a call centre, but can also be used for the selling of content, previewing content, information services and many more.

LBS: Location Based Service lets you accurately track a cell phone in a mobile network so you know where the mobile device in question is.

Bulk SMS: we didn’t forget about the good ol’ Short Message Service. (Okay we won’t put a SMS in the same category as a telegram just yet.) Integrat provides easy to use tools and all the controls to send and receive messages from your own applications, in real time.

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