How to choose a mobile advertising network

How to choose a mobile advertising network

Not all mobile advertising networks are exactly the same. Choosing the right one can push your brand to new heights, while the wrong one can yield little results – except a hole in your bank account.

Blind Networks

Blind networks are the scooters of the Mobile Ad network world. They are cheaper, but also don’t come with all the cool bells and whistles. These networks usually target content channels such as news or sport. Not bad, but you don’t get to choose which websites display your ad. This will of course make it more difficult for you to evaluate and measure the success of your ad, because you have less control over and knowledge of the process.

Premium Blind Networks

Now things are starting to look up. Premium blind networks can be considered the family car of the bunch. You get a little more bang for your buck with higher end publishers such as newspapers or operator portals. Although still limited, you can be offered specific spots on sites or choose between sites that have both search and display ads.

Premium Networks

If you want the Ferrari, you will have to be willing to spend more than a few bucks. These Mobile Advertising networks offer prime spots on popular sites. They have a multitude of targeting offers to choose from, but most importantly, you know what you are paying for.

But how do I go about choosing the one best suited for my business?

There are a few factors you can look at – like the pricing range and payment options. Different networks offer different ways for you to pay them (e.g. cost per click or cost per display) that could have a significant influence on the amount you owe.

Another very important factor is the reach of the network. You want a network that is connected to local publishers and local mobile search applications. After all, if you only operate in South Africa, it will be of no use to you if your advert is displayed on a Canadian website. You want to be offered the option of targeting people by zip code or specific location.