Now is the right time to start with mobile advertising

Now is the right time to start with mobile advertising

Did you know that mobile advertising is at a tipping point where most businesses interested in growth cannot ignore it anymore. This doesn’t just count for businesses with an  online presence but for traditional brick and mortar stores as well as almost everyone is walking with a mobile device in their pocket.

Back in the day when you got lost travelling somewhere you would stop and ask the nearest bystander. Those days are over with the help of Google Maps as it can guide you directly to where you where you want to go. This clearly shows that your business should have a presence on the mobile web.

With the launch of low cost smartphones everywhere, it has created a boom where anyone can afford  to access the web. It’s really not targeted to a specific demographic anymore. The time is right now if you haven’t already, to start with a smart mobile advertising campaign to get the word out about your business or to start engaging with your target audience.

How do I get started with mobile advertising?

Promoting your brand

Once your brand has been created, start a mobile advertising campaign by promoting it so that people can become aware of your existence. Mobile advertising is an awesome medium as it targets the always on always connected device. This is also one of the only mediums that you can use to target your audience irrespective of where they are. Mobile people never leave their mobile devices more than an arms length away, so your audience is always reachable. With mobile ads you are also not restricted to certain geographical boundaries so you can run your campaign basically anywhere and at anytime.

Customer acquisition

Once you have established awareness for your business, it’s time to start getting customers on board. Simply advertising your brand these days doesn’t necessarily mean people are going to flock to your business. It’s important to start engaging with your target audience. Use mobile ads to prompt your audience to start engaging with you through sms messages or calling you. Think about it, it can work wonders for your  business.


If you have started to engage with your target audience, getting them to do business with you is the next logical step. If you have an online ecommerce store, it makes sense to run targeted mobile ad campaigns to drive your target audience to your store. More people are starting to use their mobile devices to  do research online before making a  purchase decision. Be the one to give them the answer. With this, focus on the mindset of your visitor and provide them with mobile ads depending on this. Showcase the urgency of your offer.

Enhance your reputation

Once you have started bringing in a steady stream of sales from your mobile advertising campaign, it’s time to enhance the overall reputation of your business on the mobile web. Position your business on online mediums your target audience frequently visit.



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