How can an Airtime Voucher campaign benefit me?

Airtime Voucher campaigns are one of the latest tools that companies are using to reward their customers. But how can this benefit you as a business owner?

It isn’t always easy to decide how to reward your customers. First of all you have to keep your budget in mind – an incentive can’t cost you more than your return on investment (ROI). For example, you won’t give away a R100 coupon for every customer who makes a purchase of R10 at your store. You would be broke in no time!

The second dilemma you have to face, is choosing a reward that will work for YOUR unique target market. If your customers are mostly male for instance, they probably won’t be swayed by beauty products as a prize.

Airtime Vouchers are a well-liked reward, because it crosses the barriers of age, gender, race etc. You really can’t go wrong with it – that is one of the reasons why this is so successful. After all, most people own a mobile phone and the majority of them will confirm that one can never have too much airtime on your hands!

It is a brilliant way to increase brand awareness, create loyalty and increase your sales. You can give this reward to inspire customers to buy certain products or enter competitions for the purpose of creating mobile opt-in lists (for SMS marketing).

You can use it for different types of competitions and you can determine the value of the voucher to fit the purpose.
If you sign up with Integrat, we will handle all headaches involved with the technical side of things. This way you can focus on coming up with creative marketing ideas and plans to that will thrill your customers.

Airtime Vouchers will also allow you to interact with your customers. Hey, they can even use their extra moola to call or text you to order products, request an outstanding balance, change a password/ pin etc. It is truly a win-win situation for all parties involved.

For a reward system you can’t go wrong with, partner up with Integrat and watch your company’s fan base grow.