Why are SMS gateway services so popular?

Every time new technology hits the market, people love to proclaim that it is the “best thing since sliced bread.” SMS gateway services aren’t the next best thing, but rather the leader of a new technological aggregation era.

If you are thinking you have never used a SMS gateway before, think again. Have you ever sent a text message from your computer to someone’s phone? It is pretty convenient, especially if you’re out of air time or you left your cell phone at home. Some mobile operators allow you to send a number of free messages from your computer to a mobile phone daily.

Every time you send a message in this fashion, your text is routed through a gateway that is controlled by a SMS gateway provider. The mobile device can’t just automatically receive the communication in the correct way – it needs to be “tweaked” so the device can understand what it’s receiving.

What is a SMS? A SMS is a short text message which can be sent over the wireless channel using certain standardized communication methods. The GSM 7-bit alphabet encoding scheme limits the maximum payload length to 160 characters.

Companies love making use of texting to keep up with the fast paced world their clientele lives in. People are growing more technologically savvy and never seem to have enough time to get through the day. Mobile communication makes it worth spending money on mobile aggregators and staff to drive and control their wireless communication.

With continued innovation in the field of technology, the divide between all sorts of communication devices are shrinking. This helps marketing departments and advertising companies to implement more focused strategies as they don’t have to divide their energy between so many different resources.

It is much easier to type using a laptop or computer keyboard than a mobile phone. SMS gateway services help prevent businesses from spending thousands on workers, or overload those they already have, with the cumbersome task of typing text messages on the tiny cell phone keyboards. Plus, on a computer it is easy to save a message and send the same one over and over again without having to retype it.

SMS gateway services continue to grow more popular as more and more companies realise the value of wireless mobile communication.