Mobile billing and privacy concerns

The mobile environment has created a few privacy and security concerns, especially when it comes to mobile billing and payments. How can you as a service provider give your clientele peace of mind when it comes to their financial relationship with you?

Your clientele needs to know that their personal information won’t become public knowledge. You might think this information is limited to their banking details, phone numbers and address, but it pertains to anything that can make the individual’s identity apparent. For example: photographs, an IP address, voice print and facial recognitions etc.

When it comes to mobile billing, your privacy policy should be ethical and strict. It needs to outline exactly what your policies are and what steps customers can take if they feel their privacy have been violated. This policy should be given in print (as part of the contract) when a client enlists your services, and should also be available on your website for public view.

Design your services in a way that any information is protected from the moment of collection to use and storage. As mobile services gain more attention, it is inevitable that privacy and security policies of application providers and developers will regularly be reviewed and placed under close scrutiny. It only takes a handful of bad user experiences before the relevant authorities step in and demand anything from changes to your application to fines or compensation for breach of contract.

The good news is that user privacy in mobile billing and transactions can be one of your greatest marketing tools. According to the Australian government’s website (, a 2012 survey showed that:

  • 57 per cent of app users in the United States have either uninstalled or declined an app over privacy concerns.
  • 69 per cent of Australian respondents reported they had refused to use an application or website because it collected too much personal information.

Thus, if you have a proven clean track record or some real heavyweight privacy tools and policies pertaining to mobile billing, users will flock to your company and stay loyal for longer. It is a simple, yet effective way to distinguish yourself from your competitors. But be warned, if you can’t follow through on your promises, word will spread and you will lose the respect and trust of your clientele.