How supportive is your SMS Gateway service provider?

If you are paying good money for exemplary service/ products, you need to know that you will get your money’s worth.  And when the product and its use is largely unfamiliar territory, you really need to know that your SMS Gateway service provider has your back.

Is there any way you can know this before you sign up with a service provider?

Unfortunately there is no magic recipe for spotting a “bad” service provider. But, if you take a look at a few basic things, you will get an idea if the relationship will either be a rewarding or a disappointing one.

1. “Getting in contact with us is a breeze”

Is it? Does the SMS Gateway provider have a (visible) range of contact options? The more ways you can get in contact with the service provider, the better. They should have a landline and /or cellphone numbers, an email address and physical address. These aren’t only good indicators that the company actually exists, but it also means you can get in contact with them in a way that suits you best.

Always verify if the contact details are legitimate – it is easy to fake such details online.

2. “Put us to the test”

The words that any client wants to hear! Not all SMS Gateway service providers will jump to the chance to provide test messages, but you can still do it yourself for very little money. Know what the product is capable of before you commit. Test whether you can successfully send and receive messages to and from your targets.

3. “We know what we are talking about”

Do they? It would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with the type of product/ service they provide so you can have a better idea if they are really as knowledgeable as they pretend to be. Ask a lot of questions and see if they respond timely, answer clearly and concisely and do so with friendliness and patience.

4. “We can refer you to happy clients”

Ask the SMS gateway service provider who their past and existing clients are. Go the extra mile and contact these clients and ask if they are satisfied with the provider and what problems they experienced.

Don’t sign up with a provider if you aren’t entirely satisfied with the services, products or support they have to offer. Put them to the test before you make your final decision!