Mobile billing: a green way of communicating

Mobile billing with Integrat isn’t only cost effective, but also environmentally friendly. So, whether it is green bucks you are after or you simply love our green South African trees – mobile communication is the green way to go.

Companies spend thousands each year on paper products – envelopes, invoices, bills etc. It is a huge waste of money as customers generally read these documents once or twice and then throw it away. Snail mail has also long since been an ineffective way of communicating with your clientele as you have no way of knowing if they actually received their documents.

Mobile billing allows you to send mobile statements to your clientele. It is very convenient for them and unbelievably cost effective for you.

Mobile billing benefits

Reach: no matter where your clientele lives, as long as they have access to a phone or the internet they can receive their monthly statement.

Control: it also allows you to have more control over how and when your customers receive your communication. Rule out the “lost in the mail” excuse. These messages can be tracked and you can confirm if a customer did indeed receive the message or not.

Accessibility: people always carry their mobile phones with them. Mobile billing saves them the time and money to track their monthly statements down. Also should they move and forget to update their physical address – no problem. People generally try to keep their cell phone numbers the same, so you will be able to reach them even if they relocate.

Timely: your clientele can receive their monthly statements on time. Many people might even pay their bill immediately using mobile banking from their cell phones.  No worries about post office delays or computer firewalls, your customers will be in the loop the whole time.

Secure: mobile billing is a secure way for your clientele to receive their bills. Usually a pin code is required to retrieve the message. This gives your clients the peace of mind that their bills aren’t laying around for anyone to see and that an unauthorized person can’t gain access to it.

Lastly, it takes a load of your own employees, specifically your account and call centre department. Your clientele won’t have to constantly call your company to find out what the latest balance on their statement is.

Sign up for mobile billing with Integrat and set the standard for green client communication.