Make mobile aggregation services work for you

When is the last time you were excited about interacting with your clients? If client communication conjures up pictures of blood, sweat and tears, you will be relieved to know that mobile aggregation services can turn your marketing strategies completely around – without breaking your back or your bank.

Send your clientele informative, educational and promotional material via wireless applications. They can receive these messages directly on their phone (e.g. a SMS or MMS) or you can they can follow a link from their phone to a website or online portal where they can subscribe to your products or services.

Your marketing strategy will determine what you use and when / how you implement everything.

Mobile aggregation services are managed by qualified and competent service providers, so it is not like you have to work out an elaborate plan on how to get things done. This also makes mobile marketing a better choice than email marketing as you can leave everything to the professionals and don’t need to struggle with unnecessary hassles like email servers and the likes.

Stay in touch with your clients and maintain competitive advantage. Your text message can reach your clientele before they see the advertisement of your competitor in a newspaper. And because your messages are text based, it is easy for your customer to forward it to their friends and family and spread the word.

Mobile aggregation services can also boost your company’s reputation and increase your “visibility”. Clients are reminded more often of your existence, so when they are in need of the kind of services or products you offer; your company will be the first one they think of – not that of your competitors.

You also need to keep in mind that mobile marketing is like a sweet dessert – if you eat too much you are going to feel unwell. You have to be careful not to be in your clients’ faces the whole time or you might damage your reputation instead of enhancing it. Find a balance and anticipate your target markets’ reaction. They don’t want to receive the same messages five times a day or get woken up by an annoying SMS in the middle of the night.

Luckily, Integrat Mobile Aggregation Services can guide you through the process and help you enhance your marketing strategies.