Integrat’s amazing products

Put your company ahead of the competition with Integrat’s amazing products. We do mobile aggregation like it’s no one’s business. We can give you ways to communicate with your customers that will have them nodding their heads in approval and voicing their appreciation.

You need to talk to your target market. You want to do it fast and flawlessly while achieving your communication goals every time. You want to have happy and satisfied customers without having to move heaven and earth to do it.

Integrat’s products include USSD, MMS, Bulk SMS, IVR, LBS and mobile billing.

How can you use our products to your advantage?

First of all, there are a lot of uses for these products – it will depend on what your marketing strategy is and what type of message you want to convey to your clientele. You can come up with you own creative ideas for us to implement, or you can follow in the footsteps of the mobile communication trendsetters.

The whole aim of our products is to allow you to deliver marketing and promotional material to your customers, or let you generate revenue by providing premium rated content that a subscriber is willing to pay for.

For instance, you can have customers pay you to get the following on their phones:

  • Ringtones
  • Wallpapers
  • Horoscopes
  • Games
  • Jokes
  • The weather
  • News and traffic updates
  • Locating the nearest point of interest like a hospital or restaurant

Or you can supply services like:

  • Airtime top-up
  • Banking
  • Lead generation services
  • Polling and research based services
  • SMS competitions
  • Pop-up messages
  • Online statements
  • Invoices
  • Pay slips
  • Medical notifications
  • Tracking a loved one’s phone
  • Interactive voice systems

These are just a few examples of what you can do when making use of Integrat’s products. We are, of course, open to your ideas and suggestions as well.

When is the last time you were excited about mobile communication? Let us help you think outside the box and get your creativity pumping with our amazing products. And not to mention – create revenue so you can put money in your pockets to help your business thrive.