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  • Country Manager: Aretha MIYOBA
  • Integrat Zambia Limited: Stand No 7127B Crn: Zambezi & Lufupa Roads Kalundu – Lusaka P O Box 36946, Lusaka, 10101
  • Tel: 260 211 843 289
  • Mobile: 260 969 239 612, +260 977 446 908
  • Skype ID: aretha.miyo


We are Integrat Zambia Ltd. Our mobile advertising solution is InTarget.  Mobile Advertising enables you to reach Zambia’s eight (8) Millions mobile subscribers as your target audience regardless of the type of phone they have, with millions of ad impressions each month. InTarget, brought to you by Integrat Zambia Ltd, is the exclusive mobile advertising partner to Mobile Network Operators MTN Zambia and Airtel Zambia. What is Mobile Advertising: Delivering an advertising massage into the hands of the target consumer’s handset – regardless of their location.

2. The Effectiveness of Mobile Advertising

    • You are assured of reaching more that 8 million mobile subscribers on both Airtel Zambia and MTN Zambia
    • You will reach your target audience regardless of where they are.
    • You have the opportunity to measure results of any adverting campaign using the reports to be provided by us.
    • You have the opportunity to engage with your target audience using our “call to action “ solution


Office: Stand No. 7127B | Crn Zambezi & Lufupa Roads | Kalundu Lusaka

Tel: +260 211 843 289. Mobile: + 260 977 446 908 +260 966 572 268 I +260 966 374 887

Email: ,

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