Mobile marketers set for holiday boost

Mobile marketers set for holiday boost

With South Africa’s economic growth on the slow bus, having actually contracted in the second half of this year, local retailers are feeling the pressure to end the year with a significant bang. Thank goodness for the annual orgy of spending (and hopefully some goodwill) that is the Christmas and New Year holiday season!

Thank goodness too for mobile marketing which – thanks to the phenomenon of convergence – is steadily making the transition from consumers using mobile to research purchase decisions eventually made in the bricks and mortar world, to consumers using mobile to facilitate actual purchasing behaviour. Lacklustre GDP growth aside, the country’s malls will no doubt be crammed full of eager shoppers this holiday season, but a growing percentage of consumers will be engaging with mobile marketers.

Let’s take a quick look at three pointers provided by for retailers wanting to make the most of the increasing year-end mobile marketing trade:

1. Offer exclusive mobile deals to make cellular customers already in a good frame of mind feel even more special during the holiday season. Especially important here to consider is a mobile-enabled loyalty programme which InTarget can design and implement for our clients.

2. Mobile coupon users are increasing by 30% annually in many markets worldwide. When we consider that consumers who use coupons generally spend more per transaction, it’s clear that mobile coupons are a great way to keep customers engaged and to boost ROI.

3. ‘Gamify’ your holiday strategy to tap into the power of the universal human attribute of playfulness. Gartner predicts that the overwhelming majority of large companies will be using at least one gamified element in their campaigns. These include surveys, quizzes, badges and levels and all can help marketers connect with customers through a fun experience.



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